Okain: Music was always part of my life..

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Despite being relatively new to the scene French DJ and producer Okain has been collecting, spinning and producing music for almost 15 years.

He grew up in Paris and fell head first into house and techno as an impressionable teenager. After spending countless hours listening to DJs like Laurent Garnier, he soon picked up the bug and began spinning and sculpting for himself after spending a whole summer making orange juice at a local store. Now, years later, Okain finds himself as an accomplished international DJ and producer with plenty of great credits and a solid discography.

1. Was music always somehow a part of your life plan and did you even have a plan? How did it all start and what career would you have chosen if you were not an artist?

Music was always part of my life but I didnt know it would become my job. I was djing since I was a teenager and it really kicked off internationaly and became my job when my first release came out. I would probably be a sound engineer if I was not doing this because it is what I studied.

2. How did you get you first residency in Paris and what advice would you give to your younger self?

I got my first residency thru a friend of mine who dropped some CD at bar and got a chance to play to replace the sick resident dj. After that he invited me to play b2b with him and this is how I get to meet the owner of the bar and then secure my first gigs. My advice is to practice as much as you can to be ready when you will get your chance.

3. How would you describe your style and what's your favorite thing to listen to these days?

I always like different stuff from techno to deep house so I cant say I really have a favorite sound at the moment. There is a lot of good stuff around if you dig properly.

4. What can we expect from you on the floor of DEPO Club on Apr 17th? Do you plan your sets in detail before a gig or do you think on your feet?

I am always in check for new music and new or old tracks to play out on the weekend but I never plan my set in advance. I make a big playlist with different stuff so I can adapt my set to the vibe of the party. I have to say that I am very exited to come to Croatia for the first time!

5. What new projects are you involved in in 2015.? Is there some interesting new stuff on the way?

I just released a new ep on Truesoul, Adam Beyers label, it s more techno than the stuff I did last year. I think it is also interesting to show this side of me in production as I always played some techno too in my sets. I have my next release coming out in June on UponYou. It s a 3 tracks ep with an exclusive track for the vinyl only and I can say that is closer to the vibe of the early sutff I made on Tsuba. I am now finishing the release that will come after this, probably around september. it s a big project but I cant talk about it now!

6. Wild Card Question: What is your favourite memory from a party?

Jeff Mills in 2005 at la loco in Paris when I saw him banging the 909 for the first time during his dj set. Back then you only see dj playing with turntable so that was quiet a thing to see someone with a drumachine on stage.