Rocks beach club rocking the Zrće beach!

Saturday, 08 July 2017

Right there on the coast, where the sun scorches the rocks and trees, bays hide long lost secrets and lovers, ferries work day and night to transport the multitudes of tourists hungry for careless nights and mornings on the island where the silence of the lambs has its reasons, amidst all stands the party queen which is Zrće beach.

Zrće is the home of internationally renowned mega clubs Noa beach club, Papaya, Kalypso and Aquarius, comfortably seated amongst some of the best venues in the world, and last year they were blessed by a newcomer - Rocks beach club. Located right next to the Noa beach club stands this new open air venue as a wet dream for those inclined to feeding their party animal alongside the endless bar fantasies in a heaven for hedonists, flaneurs and adventurers under the roaring speakers.

So for all of you travelers ready for dreams of naked glistening skin, splashing around the pools with the soundtrack of best electronic artists in your ear, we invite you to Rocks beach club to rock your body, mind and soul. In his second season ever it stands proud in having a chance to compete and collaborate with some of the greatest clubbing names around, build on the nutritious foundation of old experiences fused with new fresh ideas from its vibrant and young team.

New blood always brings excitement. The doors are open all summer so welcome dear friends and happy memory making!